Best Brands for Custom Pet Socks

Have you ever seen those personalized socks that some people wear with photos of their pets or family’s faces on them? If yes, you’ve probably wondered where they purchased those socks. As we know, there are plenty of websites where you can get those, making you confused. That’s why I share this article. Here is the best brand list for custom pet socks.

Best Brands for Custom Pet Socks

  1. Woolsmiles for Handmade Pet Socks

Specializing in custom pet socks, it takes your ideas to create fun as well as comfortable socks. They can be personalized with your logo, pet's portrait, special date and more! Just design your socks by uploading a pet photo and let Woolsmiles handle the rest with free shipping. The artisans keep providing the best high-quality selection of custom pet socks according to your specific needs.

  1. Porter Reid

If you own a pet dog, this may be suitable for your needs. Porter Reid also has lots of background colors for you to choose from when customizing your dog socks.

  1. Divvy Up Socks

The custom pet socks produced by Divvy Up Socks are made from 96% polyester material. But it only allows you to add up to 3 dog faces on your pair of socks. If you need more, you may choose other brands.

  1. Custom Pet Socks NZ

NZ produces custom print pet socks. NZ aims to design the perfect gift idea for any pet lover! But the price they set may be a little higher.

  1. Etsy Custom Pet Socks

Etsy also can be one of the best places to find unique designs for custom pet socks. They have a large selection of products that can be customized. But to find a suitable brand among numerous brands that can meet your needs may cost much time.


Don’t waste money on boring gifts. Instead. Why not create interesting custom pet socks everyone will love?

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