How Much Do Custom Chia Pets Cost?

The custom chia pet is perfect for celebrations, weddings, corporate promos, branding, sports events, gifts, and much more! But how much do custom chia pets cost? There is no exclusive answer. It depends on your specific needs, including material, structural design, freight, etc.

Custom chia pets are made of different materials such as plastic, PVC, biodegradable materials, clay, fiberglass, ceramic, and wood. Different kinds of materials adopt different pricing plans. The whole structure can be designed as you can imagine, even custom chia pet heads. Actually, the freight largely relies on how much do custom chia pets cost.

Are you looking for a brand that can offer you a custom chia pet at an affordable price? Are you looking for a brand that can help you make it easy to get a custom chia pet without any complicated process? Woolsmiles comes to meet your expectations. You just need to upload your favorite photo of your beloved pet with a good resolution and let the Woolsmiles deal with the rest. It provides you with the custom chia pets with high quality and unique design. The best company must always keep an eye on the latest trends for its products and put its customers’ wishes first. That’s what Woolsmiles keep in mind firmly. As a gift to customers, it offers free shipping. This greatly reduces the cost of the custom chia pets you get. 

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