How to Choose the Right Custom Pet Doors

Some people prefer to design custom pet homes for their pets. While there are also some people who think there's nothing quite as safe and comfortable for household pets as people’s cozy homes. As for the latter, you should also take some factors into consideration. For example, when nature calls, however, pets rely on us to get outside. And even the laziest animal or human needs a daily dose of the great outdoors. Having a pet door makes getting out easier for everyone. So many pet lovers decide to install custom pet doors to make it easy for pets to go in and out on their schedule instead of ours. But how to choose the right pet doors? 

1.Take Pet Size into Consideration
Just like choosing suitable custom pet beds, you should also take pet size into consideration. Many people measure their pet from the ground to the top of their head and then try to find a pet door that size. But it is not suitable. Instead of floor to head, measure your pet's height at his or her shoulder (typically this is the highest part of their back.) Pets will automatically duck their heads and lift up their feet when they go in and out.

2.Take Pet Type into Consideration
Although it might seem that any animal of a certain size could fit through the same pet door, different animals have different levels of strength. The ability to jump or climb is a factor, so pay attention to the height of the door frame when choosing. Also, older or sick animals might need different door types than younger or healthier ones.

Security is one of the most important factors. When you spend a vacation with your pet, it's good to be able to lock the pet door to add a feeling of security. Depending on your family, you also may need to keep your children or grandchildren from crawling out through a pet door, especially one that opens onto an unfenced area, stairs, a pool, or others.
We hope these tips can help you better know how to choose the right custom pet doors easily.

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