How to Clean Your Custom Pet Stuffed Animal?

Custom pet stuffed animals may give off the illusion of fragility, but those little guys tend to go through a lot. With people’s toting them around everywhere and putting them through some inventive and strenuous playtime, the custom pet stuffed animals tend to develop some wear and tear, and it may be unclear how to clean them. Here are the tips:

  1. Surface Wash

If your custom pet stuffed animal can’t go into the washing machine, this will be a good way to wash it. Just mix some detergent and warm water in a bowl, and clean the custom made stuffed animals with a rag or brush, lightly but enough to freshen them up and remove most of the residue.

  1. With the Help of Wash Machine

If your custom stuffed animal specifically comes with a machine washable tag, you can toss it into the washing machine. If it is not machine-washable, this could end up in a reorganization of the stuffing, discoloration or even ripping.

  1. Clean with Baking Soda

If your custom stuff animals get dirty owing to the oil, baking soda will be great for removing it. Cleaning them with baking soda will leave stuffed animals smelling fresh and clean.


Of course, if your custom pet stuffed animal is extremely dirty for some reason, you’d better replace it. Some brands like Woolsmile can provide you with stuffed animals customization services with a handmade process. Those custom made stuffed animals are comfortable and easy to clean.

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