How to Make Custom Pet Pokemon Cards?

Are you a pokemon fan? Are you also a pet lover? Have you ever considered the combination of them?

What is pokemon? Pokemon has become a huge global phenomenon, with many games and trading cards available. And But your cat, dog, or other pets also deserves to be recognized for their unique abilities. These cards will capture their essence and transform them into real-life pokemon. Printed on a special paper that can be kept in the best quality for the long-term, this relatable gift is a great purchase to make for your own four-legged friend or to give to someone else that is close to their pet.

How to Make Custom Pokemon Cards?

Step 1: Create a card online (You can search for a pokemon card maker site like Etsy custom pet portrait stores.)

Step 2: Find a photo for your pokemon card with custom pet portraits.

Step 3: Customize the attacks including name, description, damage and cost

Step 3: Fill in special characteristics. (Some card maker sites will prompt you with what to fill out. This is what makes up your pokemon and should be fun.)

Step 4: Design functional characteristics as you like.

Step 5: Create a realistic physical card.

In a word, these personalized pet pokemon cards are a great purchase to make for your own pet or to give to someone else that is close with their pet. Why not have a try?

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