Tips for Custom Plush Stuffed Animals

Plush stuffed toys are one of the favorite toys for children and young people. However, things that seem to be beautiful may also be dangerous. Therefore, we should be happy. But while we are happy, we must take safety into our consideration. The purchase of good plush toys is especially important. Here are the tips.

  1. Determine the age of people who will own this custom pet plush, and then purchase different types according to different age groups, mainly considering safety and practicality. For example, children under the age of three can't buy those with small items that are easy to fall off. Without enough risk awareness, they may bite a small kit and eat it in their mouth, causing suffocation. For another example, children between the ages of one and one year old should not buy toys with prints or paints, the organic substances in which may cause skin irritation to the baby.
  2. The stuffing of plush toys is another important factor affecting the price of toys. The good stuffing cotton makes your hand feel very uniform. Poorly filled cotton is black cotton and it feels poor and dirty.
  3. Consider whether the appearance of cloth velvet materials is hygienic. The raw materials are usually divided by high and low grades, plush TIC cloth, long and short plush (divided yarn, voile) velvet, etc., which is an important factor in determining the price of a custom pet plush toy.


The factors mentioned above are the most important aspects when you buy custom plush stuffed animals. If you want to customize your own pet in a hassle-free way, why not choose a reliable brand like Woolsmiles? It takes your pet portrait into the design of custom pet plush with high-quality material as well as free shipping.

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