Tips for Selecting the Best Custom Pet Bowls

A bowl, as one of the necessary custom pet products, is not just a bowl. Back in 2012, Petco issued a recall for stainless steel pet food bowls that were radioactive. According to the independent analysis from, it identified heavy metal lead in other pet food bowls. Your pet's bowl is a critical custom pet product since he or she will eat and drink out of it multiple times a day for his or her whole life. Obviously, buying the wrong bowls may put the health of your pet at risk. Read on and get two most useful tips for selecting the best custom pet bowls.

  1. What Size Custom Pet Bowl to Choose

The best size of bowls will, of course, depend on how big your pet is and how much it eats. You definitely won't be feeding your Great Dane from the same size bowl as your Jack Russell. Think about how much food your pet needs and make sure the bowl is bigger which makes it more convenient to handle. For instance, if your pet usually gets a cup of food, the bowl should be big enough to fit two to four cups in. Only in this way, will the food be able to be pushed around without spilling it.

  1. What Material Should the Bowl Be Made from?

Most pet food bowls are made from plastic, ceramic, or stainless steel. Based on in-depth research, to summarize, the best pet food bowls are made from stainless steel, not plastic or ceramic. But not all stainless-steel bowls are created equal. It's vital to know the exact grade of stainless steel and whether sufficient testing is in place to ensure the stainless steel isn't accidentally contaminated with harmful materials.

Remember, please search for more information carefully before purchasing the custom pet bowls.

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