If you’re just learning how to needle felt, you may want to get an all in one needle felting kit. Hint: Make sure that the kit you choose also contains the needles. I’ve seen some that only contain wool roving and instructions.


Unlike with wet techniques, the wool you use for needle felting does not necessarily have to be a protein aka animal fiber. Since you are not relying on the scales of the protein fiber to interlock, synthetic wool can be used.

However, animal fiber such as sheep wool may needle felt easier since the fibers are not a slick as a nylon fiber, for instance.

Wool comes in many different forms from raw, unwashed wool to processed roving and yarn. Any of these fibers will work just fine.

Sheep Wool Locks

Wool roving comes in many natural and dyed colors and is easy to work with. Yarn is good for embellishments and decorations but keep in mind that you may need to use heavier gauge needles.

If you’re just starting out, you may find wool roving easier to work with than raw wool fiber.

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