custom guinea pig stuffed animal

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      18 products

      How important are sketches when creating your custom guinea pig stuffed animal? Can't you just tell the manufacturer what you want to see and let them be? I mean, they are very popular, especially stuffed animals. It would be easier to just tell the manufacturer that you want to make one of a dog with big ears and a long tail. They're supposed to be the experts, and you're probably feeling sure that they can handle it without your help.

      But what you don't realize is a sketch can dictate the success of your toy. If you have an idea for a plush doll, it's probably an original idea. Wouldn't you like your ideas to be followed strictly? If you don't provide a sketch, how can you be sure that the idea will be followed? You're banking on that cute idea. You wouldn't want to receive a shipment and your idea wasn't followed. Without it, what makes your toy different from the others?

      In addition, it can also save you a lot of time, effort and even money. You can't just "sketch" your toys over the phone. Let's take for example custom made stuffed animal dog. Can you just call the manufacturer and ask them to make toys wearing a blue shirt with a design of a bird? Here's what will happen. The manufacturer will ask how blue, and what bird you want it to be. If you say it's up to them, they'll send you a sample that you might possibly not be happy with because it's not what you're looking for. You wasted both your and the manufacturer's time and probably wasted some money along with it.