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      18 products

      18 products

      In a lot of households, pets are considered to be valuable companions. Some would even go as far as claiming pets to be members of the family. Whatever the reason may be, pets have a place in society. This is even evident in the fact that certain pets in various areas of the world are required to have an ID tag that will signify that they are not strays and ultimately prevent them from being taken to a containment facility. For reasons that vary from practical to aesthetic, pet owners have created a demand for custom pet for their beloved companions.

      Thus, it would be a profitable venture to satisfy said demand by offering custom pet ornament that owners can purchase for their pets. ID tags with varying designs, colors, fonts and gimmicks could be tailored to the wishes of customers.

      To start a business venture of such nature, there are two important aspects that need to be addressed. These would be production and marketing.