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      One of the most common dilemmas that one can face is what gifts to give to the special people in one's life. From young children to grandparents and from good friends to co-workers, it can be a challenge to find wonderful gifts for these special people that they will enjoy and are personal in some way. Gifts like a bottle of wine for a friend or a toy for a young child may seem acceptable, but they often lack that personal touch that adds meaning to the gift. For most gift-giving situations, custom pet collars are the ideal solution. Blankets can be chosen from a variety of colors, materials and sizes, and they can each be customized in a unique way to add personal flair.

      Custom pet collars

      One way to personalize custom pet is to add text to the collars. Text may include a funny movie line that the person loves, a saying that the person repeats often or even an inside joke between the two of you. It may also include the family name, a meaningful date or other information. There are so many ways to customize a warm blanket with text in a meaningful way.


      Photos can also be used to customize blankets. Some people will choose to use one photo while others will choose multiple photos to create a collage or a veritable photo album on the blanket. These photos may be of a family, a family pet, a favorite vacation destination or any number of other images. Any time the gift recipient sees the blanket, he or she may be overcome by a flood of wonderful emotions that the images evoke.


      Text and photos can be added to a blanket to give it a more modern look, but embroidery can be used to add a touch of classic charm. Embroidery can be used to add meaningful names and dates or messages to the blanket. For example, a blanket may be given to a newly married couple that has the wedding date and the names of the bride and groom stitched onto it. Embroidery may also include carefully stitched graphics that carry meaning.custom pet mug