Custom pet id tags

      18 products

      18 products

      Dogs truly are man's best friend. They have been our companions, protectors, and even members of the family. We dress them up in funny and festive outfits, and accessorize their collars to the extreme. The demand for our pets to have the most luxurious products, customize apparel, and fancy carriers have skyrocket, its only natural that we want our pet ID tags to be just as trendy.

      Personalized ID tags can come in lots of different colors, sizes, and styles. They can be made of gold, silver, diamond encrusted, some even come with their pictures engraved. Even celebrities have taken noticed and our getting custom pet keychain like GUCCI, for their precious little ones.

      There are Fas tags which start off large, to allow you to comfortably write your information on the tag, then they shrink in your oven in approximately 5 minutes, to form a lightweight, durable ID tag that is perfect for small pets. There are military style ID tags which display five lines of emergency information. Hydrant pet name tags which are designed in the shape of hydrants and made plastic and metal. You can even implant a micro chip into them so if anything were to happen you could easily tracked your pet.

      Fashion aside dog tags do play a more crucial role than just a fashion statement and how much their owners love them. Its their Identification and their way home. Sadly, there are thousands of dogs that go missing every year and cannot be returned to their owners because they lack proper ID. Dogs don't speak, so its impossible to find out who their owners are or where they come from without any form of ID. This is what custom pet id tags so important, its a way of ensuring lost pets to be returned to its' home as quickly as possible.