Custom pet portrait canvas

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      18 products

      Your pet is member of the family. Whether you have a cat or a dog, they become a part of your life. They're there when you celebrate and they don't leave your side when you're grieving. When they pass away, it's completely natural to feel their absence as strongly as you would for any other member of the family. When it comes time to choose whether you would like to bury your pet or have them cremated, if you opt for cremation, consider the benefit custom urns have when choosing a vessel for your beloved furry friend.

      Just because they aren't human does not mean that you can't memorialize your pet the way you would any other member of the family and custom pet portrait canvas are a great way to create a lasting memorial of your pet. For custom urns to be made, you must first submit a request to have an urn created for your pet. The design idea you come up with is completely up to you and your family. In fact, getting together and coming up with ideas for custom urns for your pet can be a good way for the family to grieve their loss together.

      Once you have an initial concept of what type of custom urns you're interested in, submit your request for an artist to contact you. The artist will send you an email regarding your design ideas and you will likely exchange a few emails and perhaps some phone calls if necessary, in order to determine the ideal design for your pet's custom urn. The design concepts can be abstract, representing personality traits of your pet, or it can be a statue of your pet, depicting them exactly as they were in their life.

      The artist will send you the final design renderings, which you will then sign off on and they will begin creating the urn. It should be noted that once custom pet shirt are in the actual construction phase, there is no going back, so make certain that you are 100% certain that the artistic drawings of the urn are exactly what you want.