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      18 products

      When you're planning to travel with your pet, remember that consistency is key to a complete and balanced companion-animal diet. Don't assume you can just feed whatever you find on the road, even if you're staying at the pet-friendliest hotels that offer menu options just for pets. You'll still need to bring a supply of Spot's regular custom pet shirt along for the trip, whether you're traveling across the country or just across town.

      Planning a road trip? Bring along enough of your pet's food to last the entire trip. Along the way, Spot will register the enticing aromas of fast-food rest-stops long before you do, but please resist the urge to treat him to french fries and other greasy, salty treats. They're as detrimental to his health as they are to yours.

      If Spot is accompanying you on a camping trip, don't count on splitting the day's catch with him; pack enough of his custom kibble to last the entire trek. Do share your supply of clean water with your pet. Letting Spot drink from lakes or streams is as bad for him as it is for you - it's a sure way to contract giardia.

      Here's another good time to bring along a stash of Spot's custom kibble: If your pet is coming to the office with you (Take Your Dog to Work Day is June 25th this year) or joining you for a special occasion in an unfamiliar setting. Whether you feed him a full bowl of his food or dole out the kibble as treats, piece by piece, the familiar taste of home will help him acclimate nicely - and earn you brownie points for Spot's good behavior.

      When it's warm out, urban dog lovers enjoy bringing pets with them to dine at outdoor cafes. To avoid having to fend off your dog's begging advances all evening - especially if the menu isn't vegetarian! - feed Spot a half portion of his regular food at home, then bring along the other half for him to enjoy at the restaurant. That should help him display good table manners.custom pet id tags