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      18 products

      Not all hair dress-up games or caring games for children need big salon setups or even humans as virtual customers. A lot of kids have a number of stuffed dolls and animals. These toys may be used as the beauty salon or barbershop's customers. Just make sure that your children will not attempt to cut the doll or custom t shirts for stuffed animals's hair though. The child will to likely regret having done it immediately.

      A virtual hair can also be made out of construction papers. With the use of a child-safe pair of scissors, your children can outline a number of hairstyles, cut out the patterns and clip or stick the hair to the animal's head or to a doll. If the stuffed animal or the doll already does have hair, weave pipe cleaners into the hair to make a colorful hairstyle.

      You may also combine custom tags for stuffed animals hair dress-up games with a salon-based hair dress-up game. Instead of utilizing the whole room as a beauty salon or a barbershop, make a miniature salon. Then each kid can manage a couple of dolls or animals. Nothing is more enjoyable than having an owl as a hairdresser, a Barbie as a customer and an Oscar the Grouch as the salon receptionist.

      Parents may show their child some hairstyles that they like. This will allow your child to have an opportunity to spend time with you, while encouraging and empowering their creative abilities. Parents can take part in salon games and animal hair dress-up games as well.