custom tags for stuffed animals

      18 products

      18 products

      A lot of people want to make custom tags for stuffed animals. They recognize the potential of making these custom t shirts for stuffed animals and the profit that goes along with it. All they need to do is contact a reliable manufacturer so that they can start production. But this is where you encounter your first big question mark. How many should you make and what is the minimum order?

      It's a common misconception that it makes sense to just make a few plush dolls from the very start. But you'll soon realize that it's not really possible to order just a few from a reliable manufacturer. A good minimum order is 500 stuffed animals per order. That is the lowest and most logical minimum that you can find. Sure, you can find a manufacturer that promises to do 50 for you. But does it make sense?

      You have to understand that you're dealing with mass production. If they can promise a very low minimum, they're probably just doing it locally. While that sounds good, it's actually very hard to find reliable local sewers that are willing to do just a few. It will also be very hard to look for materials. So really, you're banking on a promise that will be very hard to keep. You can't be sure of the quality of the stuffed toys because the more reliable manufacturers cannot afford to offer a very low minimum for logistics sake. You also won't have the assurance of getting your custom valentines day stuffed animals in time. So in reality, it can do you more harm than good. So it's in your best interest to look for a manufacturer offering a minimum that is not too low.