custom valentines day stuffed animals

      18 products

      18 products

      You also don't want to look for a very high minimum order. If you're just starting, you really can't afford to invest in 10,000 of these toys. Economically speaking, it just doesn't make sense for you as a "newbie" in custom valentines day stuffed animals. So feel free to look for a manufacturer that has a minimum of 500 - 2,400 pieces per order. But if you can't afford it and you just want to get your project off the ground at once, you can find a manufacturer that is willing to do a minimum of 500. You can then work your way from there until you're like the successful individuals who order 100,000 a year.

      Going directly to China is also an option. But to make it logical, you should be ordering the customized stuffed animal for baby by the tens of thousands. If not, it just wouldn't make sense because you have to spend a lot of money to make it happen. If you order just a few of them, you lost already even before selling your custom valentines day stuffed animals. You have to scout for a reliable manufacturer and it will be hard to do that in a foreign land. Not to mention you have to send someone to supervise the whole operation.

      For now, I suggest that you stick with a local manufacturer with ties in China. You can initially order 500 stuffed animals and start increasing for every re-order. Once you have enough experience and resources to make them by the containers, you can then explore going to China. But still, most toy inventors prefer to deal with a local manufacturer. For now, just focus on your initial 500 piece order.