customized stuffed animals for babies

      18 products

      18 products

      What can you do? Of course, they're not going to be pet stuffed animal custom. You actually have two options. The first and best option is for you to package the dresses along with the toys. This way, you're actually making your toys very attractive since they're not just buying the toys themselves. If they buy a set, they're also buying the experience of playing dress up.

      Now, you might be concerned that it would be too expensive and that's a valid concern. Of course, you have to raise the price to cover for the additional costs. But you have to know that parents and their kids look at fashionable stuffed toys differently from the common plush toys so they're already expecting them to be more expensive. In fact, most parents would prefer to buy them because they know that they can provide hours of entertainment each day. That's better and cheaper than buying several toys that can provide the same amount of fun.

      If you're really concerned, you can just sell the clothes and accessories separately. This way, you can price your fashionable stuffed toys cheaper and parents can just buy the clothes and accessories if they have additional budget in the future. Of course, they're going to buy them in the future so their kids can experience how fun and entertaining dress up customized stuffed animals for babies are.