Photo Guide

We want to make sure your finished product comes out looking as good as it should. To do this, it's really important for us to have a good photo to work from. Please read our tips below and have a look at some examples of what photos do and don't work. 

What makes a good photo?

  • The photo should be taken straight on, showing the full face (make sure no part of the face is cropped out of the photo)
  • Subject should be well lit, not in shadow and not too bright
  • Photo should be high quality (a photo from your phone will work fine), but any photo that is blurry or low quality will not result in a good end product
  • The best photos are close up. Photos with the subject in the background do not work well
  • Try not to submit a photo with a filter, as this will show in the end result
Lovimals photo guide